100 Word Micro-Fictions

A couple of 100 word Micro-fictions

No god, no? ”

Hallelujah,” the crowd roared. And the minister let her drift with John the Baptist and Jesus. She let the illusion sweep over her. Life had beat the atheism deep into her, the junkie shakes, no god no, husband’s teeth busting fists, no god no, death of, um um, that hurt, no god no, but a big old hole. She was going to float in it, real or not. Then he drew her out of the water and she felt his hands on her breasts and saw that “come on girl” flash in his eyes, no god, no god.

White Swan Freedom

The stairs were hard on his crippled feet. The apartment building was glacially cold and ugly as frostbitten toes. But it wasn’t White Swan. The Boeviks fighting amongst themselves had left the walls peppered and fresh blood stains covered their execution wall at the bottom of the staircase. But it didn’t bother him. He simply wore a tank top whenever he went into the basement exposing the Vor stars tattooed on both shoulders. Their vendettas didn’t concern him anymore. Only shooting Afghanistan into his veins to escape White Swan memories mattered.

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