Introducing myself


Well, this is my blog. I’m a traditionally published and self-published author. I write fiction, creative non-fiction, haibun and occasionally poetry.

I’m currently living in Nagoya, Japan. My day job is as an English teacher. As I  mentioned, I have self-published several short story collections as well as publishing short stories, haibun, poetry, and creative non-fiction in literary journals. Here is a short list of those works. I’m also in the process of publishing a novel, a novella, as well as writing another novel.

Coldest Vacationpublished in Voiding the Void

( 2000;

Transcending published in Oh So Beautiful ( 2001;

An Emperor’s Request published in South Ocean Review 2002;

Darwinism in Hot Pants published in Flashquake ( 2004;

Aspirations, Obsession, and Disintegration published in Jeopardy 2005;

Summer times a Burning in Japan and The Dead Along the River both published in Nagoya Writes 2006.

“Half Hearted” Glass Fire Magazine 2007(

Algorithms of a Break up in Boundoff 2008

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